Healthcare for all Michiganders/ Jobs

Let's empower the middle class with Health Insurance for all. Not only will this help the middle class and working poor, it will help attract new business, and relieve the burden on small business. With the right leadership this can be accomplished for all citizens of Michigan..

Livable Wages/ protect and increase labor unions

I grew up in a Union home and later became a union electrician myself. I understand the importance of unions and bargaining rights, especially now when wages in our state have been stagnate for 20 yrs. Right now in Michigan folks working full time are still in need of government assistance. That comes out of the tax payers pocket. It's time the tax payers quit picking up the tab for Big Business. Our labor will not be exploded anymore.

Vocational training in public schools/Free 2 year college tuition/Student Debt redution,

I believe every child should have choices right out of high school. Not all of our children will continue to a higher education. For these children I believe we should give them employment skills while in school with vocational training in the forefront.

I support a 2 year tuition free education in Community College. We need to reduce or eliminate high interest on student loan debt. This debt effects the ability of our young to get a start on life.

Justice Reform/ Common Sense Gun Legislation

No more private for profit prisons. We need legislation to reduce bail bonds for nonviolent crimes. Everyone can agree we need tighter background checks on gun sales, and close the loopholes that allow folks to buy guns for criminals.

Environmental protection legislation

We need to ensure our greatest gift, the Great Lakes are protected and kept clean. The day of big business exploiting or endangering our water is over. Shut down Line 5 and stop nestle from stealing Michiganders future. Give grants and other incentives to install solar panels. Invest in a 21st century infrastructure by creating more windmills, solar and other green energy.

Fix Michigan broken infrastructure

Each of us are affected by the crumbling infrastructure. The day of fixing Michigan roads one pothole at time are over. We need to build new roads, instead of patching potholes that reappear day after day even bigger!! Our future depends on the what we invest today.